Group Fitness

New! Strong Fit Girls (Ages 10-12 yrs)


This unique OUTDOOR fitness class combines trail running and bootcamp style training for girls ages 10-12 years old.  Helping young girls build confidence and strength using their own body weight during each workout.  Great way to be part of a “team” environment while still focusing on individual strengths.

All levels of fitness welcome. Classes run rain or shine.

**Waiver will need to be filled out before the first class.  It will be sent out at time of registration.

Outdoor Trail Bootcamp


This unique outdoor fitness class combines trail running and bootcamp style training.  Build strength using your own body weight incorporated with trail running.  Great way to train for a run, obstacle race or if you just want to challenge yourself.

All levels of fitness welcome.

New! Fit HIIT & Core

NEW!!  This class is designed for anyone who is looking for a quick intense body workout incorporated with a core conditioning component.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an all body workout that consists mainly of bodyweight exercises and cardio using timed intervals.  The core component will help improve posture, flexibility and abdominal firmness. Exercise balls, Gliders, Bands and other equipment will be used.

HIIT is not suitable for beginners.

Kids welcome!

Participants must bring a yoga mat to each class.

AM Jumpstart Bootcamp & Stretch

An early morning fitness bootcamp class that uses intervals to mix movement and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training for a total body workout.  These bootcamp classes are designed to be different all the time, and push participants harder than they’d push themselves.  Each class is unique and will challenge you to get your best workout every time. 45 min cardio/strength followed by 15 min stretch.  Please bring a yoga mat to class.

All levels of fitness welcome.

Mom and Tot Bootcamp

Don’t be scared of the name!  There’s no drill sergeant here.  Our Mom & Tot bootcamp is a popular interval class that combines cardio training and strength exercises for a full body workout.  If you’re looking for a post pregnancy workout plan, this will help you reach your goals while exercising with your baby along side you. You don’t need to have a young baby to join the class, toddlers (aged 1-5 years) are also welcome to come. Diane, the instructor, is also trained in prenatal fitness and can modify the class to suit the needs of pregnant moms too! These classes will help you love your body again while allowing you to meet other moms in a casual environment. Participants must bring a yoga mat to each class.  Max. 2 children.  See Photos

All levels of fitness welcome including prenatal moms.


PM Circuit & Yoga Fusion

This unique fitness class combines 40 minutes of intense physical circuit training followed by 20 minutes of relaxing yoga like stretches to strengthen muscles and keep them flexible. Pairing cardio exercises with yoga is effective for weight loss and overall good health.  Classes move outdoors in July and August.

All levels of fitness welcome and no yoga experience needed.