Client Feedback

After the birth of my second child, I developed two trapped nerves in my spine. It took almost 3 months and daily visits to the chiropractor before I could walk without pain again. Two babies in under two years had left me with a very weak core, and zero core strength. I was told by my chiropractor that I would continue to have back pain until my core returned. That's when I signed up to Diane's classes. Within 3 months I had significantly reduced my visits to the chiro, and after 6 months I ended all treatment and have not had to go back since. The classes offered by Diane and Jumpstart fitness are fun, motivating and the effects are immediate. I actually think I am in better shape now than pre babies! The kids love coming to class and playing with the great selection of toys, and I also enjoy some 'mommy time' whilst attending the evening classes.


Diane is awesome. I started going to her mom and tot class a couple of years ago to get back into shape after my first child. I love her fitness approach and flexibility with having the babies with you during the class. She is so welcoming and helpful. I then bought my husband some personal training sessions with Diane and he loved them. We have since had another baby so we decided to have Diane come to our house to do some couples personal training. We have seen great results!! Both physically and emotionally. We initially bought them as a way to reconnect and get an hour alone together once a week, any new family knows thats next to impossible. Diane continues to challenge us and every workout is different. We look forward to our personal training with her every week. I also have continued attending her classes even though my babies are older now. I would, and do, recommend Diane to everyone I meet who is interested in fitness!!!


Thanks to Diane and Jumpstart fitness I actually love working out again. It is the ultimate full body workout and I saw instant improvements in my cardio and muscle tone. Diane's classes are motivating, challenging and most of all fun. I look forward to my class every week!


Diane has been my personal trainer for almost a year now and she has provided me with great workouts for my personal needs. My goal was to be in better shape and to become more active and I’ve reached these goals because of her. With her guidance she is able to put together work out plans specifically for my needs and goals. She continues to challenge me and keep me motivated with various weight training, cardio and yoga programs.
Diane has also become a trainer for my son and daughter.
She is very friendly, knowledgeable and a great personal trainer.


I hate to exercise. That's an understatement. I really hate to exercise. Then with an upcoming beach vacation looming, I decided to try JumpStart. I did it for a month before my vacation and it was fantastic! But I knew I was hooked when I signed up after my vacation too. Diane makes the class fun and relaxed with different levels available from beginner to advanced. My five year old son also loves to go and sometimes even participates with me. I feel better, have more energy and am determined to lose the last stubborn baby weight. My kids see me exercising and having fun and there have even been a few burpee competitions at home. I always lose, but one day soon….
Thanks for your support, motivation and encouragement Diane.


Great way for me to get some exercise while my two kids, ages 4 and 1, run around and have fun. No need to drop them off with someone else. My 4 year old likes to do some of the class with me which is great for her. My 1 year old likes to explore all the toys that are provided to keep the kids happy. I've been going for over a year now and definitely recommend trying it out.


I have been going to Diane's bootcamps for over a year. What a great class. Awesome (tough!) workouts and my son loves it. I can get my exercise in and I don't have to worry about him. There are lots of toys and other children to keep him happy. Diane is a great instructor. She modifies her exercises so people of all fitness levels can work out together. Can't say enough great things about these bootcamps!

Sara D.

I have been attending mom and tot Jumpstart Fitness classes with Diane for a year and a half. I really enjoy the variety of the circuits and that she caters to every level. As my fitness has improved she always finds a way to take it to another level and keep me challenged. Diane has also introduced other aspects such as meal plans which I`ve really enjoyed - especially the fact that it`s being done as a group. It can sometimes get a little crazy with the kids running around but they mostly keep busy with friends and toys and I LOVE that I`m not paying for childcare in order to attend the class. We laugh a lot, whine a little but always have a great time even if we are doing burpees. I highly recommend Jumpstart fitness for both the mom & tot and evening (childfree!!) classes.

Sara H.

I love these classes! The owner/instructor, Diane, is highly knowledgeable and she makes the classes enjoyable. I get an effective workout every time, despite the fact that my children are present. They love to play with the toys that are provided. These classes have helped me tremendously to get back into shape after two pregnancies. I highly recommend Jumpstart Fitness!