Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I try Jumpstart Fitness?

Jumpstart Fitness takes the time to design the classes so that all classes are personalized and customized.  No two classes are the same. You’ll also meet some great people and have fun while working out, motivating you to stick with it.

Can I bring my toddler who is mobile to the Mom & Tot classes?

Yes, you can bring your children ages 0-5 years old.

What will my child do while I exercise?

If your child is a baby, some babies sleep, some will be content in their strollers while others will enjoy being on a mat or in their mom’s arms. Some are also happy to be snuggled by Diane, the instructor, while you work out.
Most toddlers play with the toys provided or join in with mom.

What if my child has a severe food allergy?

Please notify Jumpstart Fitness of any food allergies. Parents provide snacks for their own children and will be asked to avoid bringing food that your child is allergic to.

Is my fitness level sufficient for this class?

The classes are designed for all levels of fitness. Modifications are always given for exercises whether you need to bring it down a notch or whether you need to be more challenged. Modifications can also be suggested in the case of and injury.

I get bored with my exercise routines, how are your classes different?

The class designs are always different. You will never do the same workout twice.

How soon can I ease back into fitness after having my baby?

  • Prenatal – begin after your first trimester
  • Postnatal – begin 4-weeks post birth (or with doctors consent) and at least 6-weeks after caesarean and have verbal medical clearance from doctor

What should I wear/bring to class?

Proper(indoor) athletic footwear is mandatory in all fitness classes. We also recommend investing in a well-fitted sports bra. Dress in comfortable layers and bring a mat, towel and water bottle to every class.