Green (Goddess!) Smoothie

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  I thought I would share one of my favourite breakfast recipes (from Cheryl Wahl’s “Eat Real Food” Cleanse)…

Green (Goddess!) Smoothie

Basic green smoothie template:

1/4 c avocado

1 cup of chopped fresh or frozen fruit (pear is a great seasonal hypoallergenic choice)

A generous handful of dark leafy greens (kale, baby spinach, chard, romaine, mixed baby greens, celery)

2 cups of water


Then you add some extras:

Flavourings: cinnamon, ginger, vanilla bean powder, cocoa carob powder

Super foods: spirulina or other green powders, macs powder, goji berries

Fiber: ground flaxseed, chia seed

Protein: hemp seeds

Creamy goodness: natural nut/seed butter

Sweetners: stevia leaf powder, raw honey



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