Home Workout Routine

Despite the fact that working out in a group fitness class or with a personal trainer can be very motivating, there are times when it is just more convenient to work out at home. There are plenty of great fitness videos that lead you through challenging workouts, but if working out to a video just isn’t your thing, here’s a home workout routine you can try on your own. Ask a buddy or a family member to join you to keep you focused.

Warm-up: 5-6 min

  • 2 min jog on the spot
  • 1 min knees up
  • 1 min heels to your bum
  • 1 min jump jacks
  • 1 min skip or heel digs

Interval Training

1 min strength/1 min cardio

Pick 12 exercises repeat 2 -3x

Ideas for cardio:run on the spot, jump jacks, jump jack squats, BURPEES (hint hint-best exercise), Mountain climbers…etc.

Ideas for lower body:Squats, flute raises, alternating lunges, curtsy lunge

Ideas for upper body/core conditioning:Push ups, plank, plank forward arm and row, dips, side planks, pull ups (if you have a bar to hang from).

Core training: Crunches, side crunches, plank hip drops, scissor kicks…the possibilities are endless!!

*Hint – any of you have a kids playground at home?  Look to see if you can use it for your outdoor workout at home, or go to the park and use the playground there.

Cool Down:

Make sure you walk around after your workout to get a proper cool down option to do some walking lunges and/or walking kicking opposite arms to legs. Finally, don’t forget to stretch!

I hope this motivates you to try something on your own!

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